After crawling thru the web searching for reviews on this cult phone, I finally decided to write one myself,
Why? because all the guys reviewing the phone were just reviewers, not actual users of the phone , and believe me, making a phone a part of your life is much different than just reviewing it. (sort of like going for a date compared to a live in relationship!)

So why the Sony Ericsson P1i ? 

Because it just does whatever its made out to. No fuss, no bloated big displays, just a quiet efficient guy who maintains his cool no matter what you throw at him.

That's courtesy the 256 MB flash ROM and 128 MB RAM.
(this PC am using to write this blog runs windows XP on 192 mb RAM. And yes, it runs fast , but more on those tweaks later )

Which is equal to the HTC TyTN II , another phone I really like, except the tytn is quite large.

What does it do.

Well, this is how I use it. On my one hour commute, I download attachments from email , read & edit Microsoft office documents, read ebook PDFs, etc.
Most of my mail is answered by the time I reach office and that gets me time to get working on the priority tasks of the day.

Gmail onP1i  - 

The handwriting recognition (its reviewed as the best in the industry) and keyboard both have a learning curve, It took me about a week before I was really writing off as quick as I type on my regular PC keyboards, but then its a small adjustment one goes thru every time we change phones.

You can take quick notes, especially while on a call and save it as reminders, and even draw on its screen with the stylus to get a point across in a meeting.

Its simple, non fussy and to the point, exactly as I like it.

Plus you can synchronise and backup phone book thru blue tooth with your laptop or home PC via USB

I also like photography, and usually the perfect moment for a shot comes announced. Like while travelling or just out on an evening when carrying a camera along is the last thing on your mind.
I love using the P1i camera on it for these moments . Its a 3.2 MP camera
which takes some really beautiful pics once you re comfortable with it.

The only downside I can think of is its not as great in the dark when you don't use the flash. But then I can live with it ,considering Sonys camera quality is almost always better than a Nokia with the same specs.

Now to the phone design, its sleek, fits comfortably in your hand, pant pockets and jeans pockets. 

And it  can take a bit of abuse too, several people I interact with on forums have dropped it flat out on roads and pavements and its survived .

The one thing Sony has to make a commitment to is to ensure that the button colors do not fade away after a year or so of use. 
Especially the camera button color tends to fade off a bit after prolonged use. 
Get some aluminium buttons Sony!

Its operating system is UIQ 3, and since its sonys proprietary platform, the biggest advantage is NO VIRUSES or malware!

No kidding, there are no known baddies for this platform plus it almost never crashes!

The P1i on its stand - 

I've tried running 32 programs together (don't ask why ;) and it still goes strong.

Its one of the most stable OS in the industry and having used PDA phones before, I know how it feels when the damn thing crashes in middle of a phone call or while takinng
some important note.

This baby's solid and stable as a rock, unless you decide to install cracked programs and silly programs you find on the net.

The P1i screen with a changed theme  

Heres how to remove memory card on P1i

Just use your finger nail to pry outside the top part of the memory card cover.

Dont worry, its attached well elastically.

Onceremoved, insert/ remove memory card.

More info here - "the secret guide to handling the P1i

Password - P1i

(dont use winrar , use only winzip or powerarchiver to open!)

(this post will be updated constantly as and when I get time and make new observations)

Feel free to post in your comments and questions.


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  1. Sneha

    oh my god!! you really are obsessed about your phone! get over it !

  2. Sagar

    nice blog, i had P1i which was stolen last week. i have the regular back up taken from backup manager. any idea how can i extract the contacts to csv or anyother format? please help

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